Gautam Chaturvedi conducts a musical concert in Mumbai

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022


Mumbai: Mumbai is famous for being the city of dreams since in this city people come to make their dreams happen. Mumbai is also called the financial capital of India due to the largest and world’s biggest entertainment industry Bollywood’s presence. The entrainment industry offers the opportunities not only to Indians but also every person laced with talent to showcase. The city is sparkling all the time and the parties keep on happening by the industry insiders. Stars from the world of Bollywood and small screen would love to throw bashes to chill.


A recent bash was seen in the city where the TV industry was seen in plenty. This was thrown by the famed TV actor Gautam Chaturvedi. Actually this was a musical concert arranged by the actor. Guatam is famous for his character Guarav Bhaiya (Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki). He organized this concert like every year for supporting the noble cause of underprivileged kids. The concert was titled Snehanjali-3 where the singer Kanak Chaturvedi came to render the lines and mesmerized the audiences.


The musical concert was conducted at Rangsharda, Bandra in Mumbai on October 6th. The stars from the small industry who came especially to attend this fiestas included Akshay Sethi, Aanjjan Srivastav with his better half Madhu, Munisha Khatwani, Neetu Wadhwa and others. There was heavy rain outside in the city but the enthusiast stars did not care about it and hit the place.


The ones, who were invited, but could not make it to the occasion, included the names Mouli Ganguly, Aman Verma, Rajshri Thakur, Rajesh Kumar and Mazher Syed. Actor Akshay Sethi was recognized by the underprivileged kids and they all gathered around him. He happily talked all of them.


Gautam Chaturvedi very gracefully attended each guest at the concert. The guests liked the musical fiestas.

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