Womanhood: Time for revolution

“You are very powerful, provided you know how powerful you are.” ~Yogi Bhajan

 Every individual has the right to be treated with equality. Unfortunately, our manmade society has created a pyramid of status classes based on unfounded characteristics.

Women are one such class of individuals who have fallen prey to being closer towards the bottom of this pyramid. This treatment has become a vicious cycle that has been passed down through the generations.

The stereotypical traditional female role involves being a caretaker for everyone including the children. For generations, female children have been brought up with this teaching and molded into these roles. As a result, the expectation is for women to put others before themselves. This leads to a loss of identity for those women who have the desire to take on nontraditional roles. Such a loss assigns an inferior status for women in society, unfortunately, resulting in atrocities like physical and mental assaults.

The birth of every individual is from the womb of a woman. In short, the whole mankind has come into being from a woman – such a maternal title bears superpowers. Then why are we taken for granted and expected to be slaves to their creations? Even if we desire only to be good caretakers in our lifetime, we still do not deserve to be treated as inferior. It is a difficult task to change well established perceptions. However, it is not impossible.

The process should start within every woman. Only if we realise and celebrate our self-worth will the world be convinced about the need for a change in traditional views. We can thank an increasing number of revolutionary women who have paved the way for us by showing the courage to pursue their aspirations beyond traditional roles.

We need to treat ourselves as equal individuals first and let go of the label of being “the caretaker inferior woman”. We should keep our passions alive by acting on realising them.

History has given us many examples of women who have fulfilled multiple rolessimultaneously. It is possible by learning to love ourselves first and by prioritizing. Also, avoid unhealthy competition with our female fellow beings – encourage and support each other as we take on nontraditional roles. There is strength in unity when it comes to changing the views of the world.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day on Mar 8/2014, I invite every woman to commence on a journey towards being true to ourselves and to rediscover subdued ambitions beyond societal expectations. Let us work together towards dissolving the status pyramid in general.

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