Chinese Honeycomb Beancuard Recipe

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Honeycomb Beancuard


6 piece beancurd

20g small dried shrimps

40g each of cooked ham

Cooked chicken skins and preserved bamboo shoot


Adequate amount each of salt, shrimp roe, MSG, wine, chicken soup and starch


Chill the beancurd in the ice chamber of the refrigerator, boil it in boiling water into the shape of old honeycomb beancurd, take it out, cool it in cold water, out its outer skins off and trim it into rectangular pieces.

Soak small dried shrimps until soft; cut cooked ham into small slices; cut cooked chicken skins into small pieces; boil preserved bamboo shoot thoroughly, tera it into strips and cut them into lengths.

Scald the beancurd of (1) thoroughly in boiling water, scoop it out and squeeze water away.

Heating oil in the pot, put chicken soup, beancurd, small dried shrimps, preserved bamboo shoot, chicken skins and ham in, add wine, shrimp roe, salt, MSG to season. Bring the mixture to boil over high heat, skim froth off, cover, braise it over mild heat for 20 minutes, stir starch solution in and thicken the sauce for serving.

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