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Oh, hello. I'm Cortne Bonilla, your faithful new Lifestyle Writer here on Refinery29's Shopping team. You probably won't be surprised to learn that I'm captivated by all things living and style — best encapsulated by a fusion of home, coziness, and things that make you go ooh. Although I absolutely live for those fluttery feelings during the 5-7 business days between purchases, a strong love for the environment stands in contrast to my deep-rooted desires to accumulate new shiny buys. I know, it's a conundrum. But as a six-year, die-hard vegan I've had my eyes opened to a variety of brands, products, and sites offering eco-conscious items that work just as well, if not better than, their less sustainable counterparts.

Sustainability remains at the forefront of today's shopping priorities as we all shift our purchasing power to embrace a cleaner environment — including everything from the labels we choose to wear to the everyday items we use and the specialty products we won't go without. To get to know my new teammates a bit better, I asked each of them to share their favorite eco-friendly purchases they've made over the past few months. This motley Shopping crew has sampled, well, just about everything under the sun, so you can be sure that these picks are worth it. Click through to shop Refinery29's Shopping-team-approved sustainable essentials (including a few of my tried-and-true must-haves, too).

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Stasher Standup Reusable Storage Bags

"I have terribly vivid memories of spaghetti sauce-stained Tupperware – the kind that never rinsed out even if you tried, with the bright blue plastic lid. These reusable food storage bags go a long, long way and they're so aesthetically pleasing to look at in your fridge. Wait until you see the color variations available for purchase!" Cortne Bonilla, Lifestyle Writer

Stasher Standup Stasher, $, available at Free People


Our Place Always Pan

"I've been a fan of this eco-chic cookware brand ever since it first launched back in September 2019. As a mission-driven company, Our Place prioritizes a positive environmental impact by crafting its goods from completely non-toxic and partially recycled materials that are all ethically sourced from female-owned factory partners — plus, each order is shipped through sustainable methods that use 100% recyclable and biodegradable boxes. Our Place just released its cult-favorite Always Pan (an 8-in-1 cookware piece that literally does it all) in a brand new lavender colorway that I am now quite obsessed with (you can check out my full review on its multipurpose magic here)." Elizabeth Buxton, Market Editor

Our Place Always Pan, $, available at Our Place

Linoto 100% Linen Boxer Shorts

"Earlier in the summer, I snagged a pair of these linen boxer shorts from New York-based home goods brand Linoto. They specialize in linen… well, linens; along with curtains, dish towels, and other items for the home. Linen, as a fiber, is already an eco-friendly, biodegradable option — the flax plant is renewable and takes much less water and energy to grow than cotton — but these super-comfy shorts are also made from fabric remnants that would normally go to waste. Win-win!" Emily Ruane, Fashion Writer

Linoto 100% Linen Boxer Shorts, $, available at Linoto

Grove Collaborative Large Hand Soap & Dispenser Set

"About a year ago, I picked up this refillable dish soap set from Grove, and now, I honestly can’t even remember what it’s like to mindlessly repurchase plastic detergent bottle after bottle. In addition to having awesome scented and fragrance-free options, it gets my dishes squeaky-clean while also being an aesthetically minimal addition to my kitchen sink." Karina Hoshikawa, Beauty & Wellness Writer

Grove Collaborative Large Hand Soap & Dispenser Set, $, available at Grove Collaborative

OXO Good Grips Compost Bin

"Every Sunday morning I take my compost bin filled veggie scraps, coffee grinds, and eggshells and walk over to the North Brooklyn Compost Project drop-off at the local farmer's market. Since Cortne asked us to identify this purchase specifically as a good sustainable buy, it has regretfully come to my attention that my compost bin is made of *gasp* plastic. While I feel this purchase has ultimately been for the greater good, — composting reduces landfill-producing methane emissions and helps local farms — I would also like to also suggest this Bamboozle bin made of sustainable bamboo fiber." – Marissa Rosenblum, Shopping Director

Oxo OXO Good Grips Compost Bin, $, available at Bed Bath and Beyond

Marleys Monsters Cotton Facial Rounds

"I was feeling so wasteful using multiple cotton rounds every day, so I switch to this reusable version. Because of their natural cotton texture, I feel like they actually do a better job of cleaning the excess product off of my face. I love them and will never go back to buying the 100 pack from the drugstore." – Kate Spencer, Deals & Updates Editor

Marleys Monsters Cotton Facial Rounds, $, available at Package Free

Cultiver The Claude Linen Shirt

"I've been living in linen — and not just because it's hot and sticky summertime, but because the breathable and oh-so-soft fabric is more sustainable than most. As a biodegradable and renewable material (and as Miss Emily Ruane mentioned in an earlier slide), linen requires significantly less water to grow and offers more durability over the years than your run-of-the-mill polyesters. I just got this lovely long-sleeved linen piece from Cultiver (an eco-mindful lifestyle brand that also crafts beautiful bedding) and I plan on wearing it through the end of summer and into fall as both a night-shirt and oversized button-down over pants." Elizabeth Buxton, Market Editor

Cultiver Claude Linen Shirt, $, available at Cultiver

YoungeverLLC Reusable Keurig Single K Cup

"You'll come to learn I'm an avid coffee consumer. But, I don't really like coffee, I like creamer. I put my Keurig to good use – brewing up oat milk lattes at least twice a day, if not more. When I realized how much regular Keurig pods impact the environment, my boyfriend and I started browsing for reusable k-cups, and then we found these. Colorful and fun, they help to reduce plastic and trash, and are super, super easy to clean." Cortne Bonilla, Lifestyle Writer

YoungeverLLC 8 Reusable Keurig Single K Cup 2.0, $, available at Etsy

The Detox Market Reusable Rounds

"I’ve been trying to wean myself off cotton rounds for a while now — and, while I still keep a pack on hand for things like taking off nail polish, I no longer use them to apply things like toner or makeup remover. (Clean fingers work just as well, if not better, in my opinion.) However, if I am looking to get more of a deeper clean with my skincare, I love to use these reusable bamboo rounds to apply the product to my skin. I love how these Detox Market ones are labeled with each day of the week, so you know to toss them in the wash at the end of your day to avoid accumulating acne-causing bacteria." Karina Hoshikawa, Beauty & Wellness Writer

The Detox Market Reusable Rounds, $, available at The Detox Market

MoraApproved DIY: Kintsugi Kit

"I first learned about kintsugi — the Japanese practice of repairing broken pottery with gilded lacquer, highlighting the veins of breakage and creating beauty out of a broken object — from Wolcott Takemoto, and after researching the centuries-old practice, I purchased a kit on Etsy. I like to think of this as a sustainable choice bc it will allow me to repair damaged pottery instead of throwing it away. I’m going to see if it will work on a mirrored dresser that’s been languishing in my apartment, bound for the trash." Emily Ruane, Fashion Writer

MoraApproved DIY: Kintsugi Kit, $, available at Etsy

Natalist The Test Pack

"Anyone going through the fertility ringer knows how many of these god-forsaken ovulation and pregnancy test sticks you go through a month (or years in my case). Not only are they expensive AF, they're also trash. Quite literally — you pee on them and then toss them. The female-founded wellness brand Natalist offers 100% plastic neutral products so that for every pound of plastic sold, the company facilitates the removal of a pound of plastic pollution. Not only are you buying into a net-zero plastic footprint, they also offer bundles and subscription options to save you money. This company is now my go-to for the fertility adjacent products I can't wait to stop consuming one day." – Marissa Rosenblum, Shopping Director

Natalist The Test Pack, $, available at Natalist

Mason Jar Short Thin Bent Stainless Steel Straws

"I just bought these recently for fancy DIY cocktails at home and jars of cold brew. They're great for on-the-go or lounging at home. Plus they're chemical-free, BPA free and plastic free –– you can't go wrong." – Kate Spencer, Deals & Updates Editor

mason jar lifestyle Short Thin Bent Stainless Steel Straws, $, available at Amazon

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