Organizations Urged To Help Heal ‘Traumatized’ Leaders

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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Juma David Augustine the commissioner of Yei River County told Non Governmental Organizations, Civil Society organizations, church and political leaders during the 10th Anniversary of the existence of the Resources Centre for Civil Leadership International (RECONCILE) in Yei River County.

Juma said there some leaders in South Sudan who are traumatized and need to be healed.

“We who are in the leadership are very much traumatized and we need to be helped,” Juma said adding that there are a lot of socio-economic and political challenges that the leaders in the country are facing which need the support of the institutions functioning in the country.

He added some people take leadership when they are not ready to face the challenges in leadership, which at the end cost them a lot in their journey.

Juma appreciated the efforts invested by RECONCILE International in training the South Sudanese leaders in the techniques of Leadership and governance, psychosocial awareness and trauma rehabilitation.

He urged the government to support institutions which train leaders who are not corrupt, accountable, committed and God fearing who will build the war ravaged societies.

Juma also called upon the government to support the South Sudan Council of Churches formerly New Sudan Council of Churches as being the only cohesive force that kept all the citizens who were moving out from the government of the Sudan to the SPLA controlled areas during the civil war in the then Sudan.

He said the South Sudan council of churches provided leadership and hope to the people when there was no hope for the people.

Juma urged the churches in South Sudan to speak one language adding church leaders are getting worse than the politicians.

Reverend John Tobuwu Golomu, a mobilizer for RECONCILE International from Pibor County in Jonglei State, said the training on trauma rehabilitation and peace building he got from RECONCILE International has helped him personally and also impacted the communities positively in his state.

He urged the people of Jonglei State to stay in peace and forget the past and agitate for peaceful co-existence.

Reverent Peter Tibi, the Executive Director for RECONCILE International confirmed that in the next ten years, RECONCILE International has strategic plan to offer training on Leadership and governance, psychosocial awareness and trauma rehabilitation to the people of South Sudan.

The 21 years of Civil wars in the Sudan has left thousands of South Sudanese both women, men and children traumatized due to the loss of their dear ones and property which affected many people mentally, socially and economically.

Such a traumatized community is seen to be dangerous to the socio-economic and political development of a newly born country like South Sudan.

RECONCILE International was formed in 2003 by the New Sudan Council of Churches as a faith- Based, ecumenical ,peace building organization staring from its centre in Yei, South Sudan and reaching out across the nation and into the neighbouring countries.

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