New forest fires in Greece and Slovenia

forest fires

This article was last updated on July 25, 2022

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In Greece, Slovenia, and Tenerife, new forest fires have erupted.

In Europe, a number of large forest fires have broken out. In Greece, for instance, In the span of 24 hours, 141 fires were discovered.

Lesvos is home to one of the most significant blazes. For the past two days, firefighters have been trying to put out the blaze at this location. The fire ravaged a few homes and vehicles. A number of settlements have been forced to flee. This suggests that the occupants were forced to flee to a safer location.

Last week, there were a large number of violent fires in Spain. Some of those blazes have been put out, but others have re-ignited since then. On the island of Tenerife, for example, Several thousand acres of protected land have been destroyed by an arsonist.

A fire has also broken out along the Italian-Slovenian border. Because of the presence of World War I bombs in the region, putting out the fire is proving to be a challenging task. As a result, sending fire engines to the scene would be extremely risky. Firefighting jets are attempting to put out the blaze from the sky.

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