Man taken into custody after stolen truck pulled over

A stolen vehicle that forced cops for a peculiar and far-reaching search in southern Ontario steered aside after cranking up by the side of busy highways for over six hours.

The stolen truck eventually pulled over at the right side of the eastbound Queen Elizabeth Way after crossing the Burlington Skyway, chased down by a convoy of at least 20 police vehicles.

According to the police, one man was arrested after the chasing incident.

Inspector Dave Ross said: “It’s a very dynamic situation. We’re following it and monitoring the progress of the truck. Transports themselves, because of the size of the vehicle, have a potential to cause a number of public safety issues on a highway.”

Moreover, Insp. Ross said that it was essential to remember that this was not a police pursuit and that the stolen truck was not been drove above the speed limit.

“We’re monitoring this vehicle, stopping vehicles from coming up from behind. Right now there is no indication that it is a threat to public safety, although given the size of the vehicle there certainly is that potential," Ross said shortly before the pursuit ended.

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