Harper says Canada is adopting a unique approach to its relations with China

"It was not an approach the Chinese were used to from Canada, but I think it’s an approach that is paying dividends for both of us," said PM Harper in China.

During his second trip to China as Canada’s Prime Minister, Harper said his government has adopted a unique approach to its ties with China and will not hesitate to bring up issues like democratic values, human rights issues, and other particularly controversial cases.

He said raising the issue of human rights with China is not likely to jeopardize trade between the two countries.

“I think they are sensitive to growing demands from their people that economic growth be accompanied by some social and political progress… As I talk to leaders here, particularly the next generation of leader[s], I think they have a good understanding that in the future progress is going to have to be more balanced," Harper said.

Harper visited Cuntan Port in Chongqing, China Saturday morning to welcome the first ever shipment of Canadian pork through the facility.

“Today I was pleased to witness the first container shipment of Canadian Pork ever to arrive at Cuntan Port in Chongqing.  It is a milestone that shows how Canada is using its Asia Pacific Gateway, and new and strategic trade corridors in China to open markets and create jobs and economic growth back home,” said Harper.

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