Montreal’s General Manager Declines Corruption Allegations

The former top official of city of Montreal has straightforwardly declined all the allegations made against him in the Quebec’s corruption inquiry. Montreal City Hall’s Former General Manager, Robert Abdallah, was accused of corruption in city contracts, but he plainly labeled the groundbreaking testimony of former construction boss, Lino Zambito, as false and defamatory.

Mr. Abdallah was addressing a press conference today, when he announced to cooperate with “any competent body” for the sake of clearing his name. Mr. Zambito’s accusations in Charbonneau Commission are having ripples as far as Ottawa since Mr. Abdallah’s name was once considered as Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s choice to head the Port of Montreal. Back in 2007, Harper’s press secretary Dimitri Soudas, recommended Mr. Abdallah for the port job.

When inquired about the issue on Thursday, Mr. Abdallah mentioned that he only met Mr. Soudas once or twice at the time but “we never talked about the Port of Montreal.” Mr. Abdallah declared that “I met the board. They chose somebody else. For me, that’s the end of the question. If somebody made some pressure, you have to ask the Prime Minister why.”

Mr. Abdallah labeled Mr. Zambito’s claims before the Charbonneau Commission to be completely based on hearsay, and he displayed all-embracing paperwork of the City of Montreal, in an order to prove his innocence. Mr. Abdallah mentioned that “I will allow no one to put my integrity in doubt.”

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