Doug Ford Defends Mayor’s Decision to Skip Pride, Says He’s ‘Not Homophobic’

Councillor Doug Ford elaborately defended the decision of his brother and Toronto’s Mayor, Rob Ford, to continue not attending Toronto’s Pride parade because he doesn’t want to see “buck naked men running down the street.” The response was prompted by questions raised by several councillors who deemed that the mayor’s refusal to attend Pride suspicious, particularly this year when the city is hosting World Pride, along with a statement from Pride officials claiming that they might not even invite Ford given his past “homophobic” comments.

Councillor Ford mentioned that “you guys have been doing this for four years, we’re used to it,” and added that “he’s not homophobic, he has friends that are gay, he just chooses not to go.” Mr. Ford alleged that “I spoke to some folks in the gay community and they said they aren’t going because they didn’t like the idea of men running, middle-aged men with pot bellies, running down the street buck naked and they didn’t feel comfortable they could take their kids there.”

Mr. Ford use the “buck naked men” several times as he stated that “I was down there, I brought my kids down there and I wouldn’t bring my kids back when there is buck naked men running down the street” In addition to that, Ford alleged that “I’m not dissing anyone in the gay community … but no, do I condone men running down the middle of Yonge St. buck naked, absolutely not,” and added that “I don’t want to see buck naked men running down the street.”

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