July 13, 2018 Kiran Arora 0

Based on true events of The Life Of A 10-Year Old, The story unfolds the miseries of the webs of child trafficking where the world ……Read More


May 25, 2018 Kiran Arora 0

The film centred around bullying in school. It revolves around a 15-year-old boy, struggling with his adolescent years, terrorized by a gang of bullies in ……Read More

10 Nahi 40

May 21, 2018 Kiran Arora 0

An educational film sending a message to the society to understand and care for the elderly. To know their insecurities and fears as they approach ……Read More


May 16, 2018 Kiran Arora 0

Mridang`s story is inspired by a true story. Making the whole story warranted around thinking and superstitions. Youth Aditya is a lawyer and a modern ……Read More

Page 16

April 24, 2018 Kiran Arora 0

Page 16 is a Supernatural thriller. It’s a story about an ambitious builder Ajay, who’s life turned upside down when he bought a book for ……Read More

The Past

March 31, 2018 Kiran Arora 0

The movie chronicles the life of Simran, a young and upcoming novelist, who, one day, receives a call from Yuvraj, an owner of a publishing ……Read More

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