November 21, 2017 Kiran Arora 0

Medal is a story of an ambitious boxer whose life revolves around a dilemma which is to give priority to expenses of his high protein ……Read More


November 13, 2017 Kiran Arora 0

‘Gaalib’ will shed light on Afzal Guru’s son Gaalib Guru . Afzal Guru was convicted for his role in the 2001 Indian Parliament attack and ……Read More


November 10, 2017 Kiran Arora 0

Set in a rural backdrop, Panchlait tells the story of a village community called Mahato that still has no electricity. [7] The storyline is hinged ……Read More

Door Bell

November 2, 2017 Kiran Arora 0

Raghav (Nishant Kumar) stays in a villa and one day, two girls, Rinki (Shubhra Ghosh) and Sinki (Nataliya Kozhenova) enter his house under the pretext ……Read More


October 12, 2017 Kiran Arora 0

Away from home in a boarding school, 18-year-old Dhruv is ignorant about the on-going crisis in his family. His life takes an unexpected turn as ……Read More


October 3, 2017 Kiran Arora 0

Karan and Sahana have been happily married for two years, but when an unexpected pregnancy arrives, they find themselves making tough choices that will determine ……Read More

Dream Zindagi

October 3, 2017 Kiran Arora 0

Natasha (Aliya Khan), Tanya (Subhra Ghosh) and Ruby (Shivani Kundanani) are friends whose favourite pastime is to lure rich men, sleep with them and then ……Read More


September 8, 2017 Kiran Arora 0

The effects of Bhang is such that whoever consumes it, can be under its influence for days without having any knowledge of what they have ……Read More

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