Salman Khan’s alleged girlfriend Lulia Vantur joins Himesh Reshammiya

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Salman Khan's alleged girlfriend Iulia Vantur joins Himesh Reshammiya

Salman Khan recently tweeted that he loves the songs from Aap Se Mausiquii. This isn’t all, as he also promoted Himesh Reshammiya’s latest album on his show. Now, Iulia Vantur has recorded a song titled ‘Every Night And Day, Just Me And You’ for Himesh’s album which is produced by Bhushan Kumar.

Says our source, “The album has received a great response with 13 million views already on its first two videos in very few days. The third track ‘Tonight‘, which has just been released is getting great response from all party track lovers and DJs. Now, next week, Himesh will be releasing the entire music album at an event where Iulia’s video will also be launched. There are 10 videos for each of the songs in the album and Iulia’s song is going to rock the charts in a very big way.”

Himesh has great things to say as well for Iulia.

“She is a super talent and has sung the song very beautifully. We will be shooting the video soon,” says Himesh, “I am very happy with the response to the first three songs and their videos. I am now looking forward to releasing the entire album soon and the other videos which will feature some amazing talent.”

He goes on to add, “Bhushanji and lyricist Manoj Muntashir also loved Iulia’s voice and the way she has sung the song. I have always been indebted to Salmanbhai and his family for supporting me and am very happy that he loves the songs of my new album.”

One looks forward to the response of junta-janardhan now for the song that is unveiled next!

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