“To shoot with Shah Rukh Khan was AWESOME” Sunny Leone

This article was last updated on June 18, 2022

Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone is having a dream time as she shall be seen opposite Shah Rukh Khan in the much talked about song ‘Laila Main Laila’ from Raees. Aamir Khan has helped her out with his acting coach. She talks about an eventful year and how she is planning her future movies.

The best part is fans who have been waiting for ‘Laila Main Laila’ there’s actually, proper romantic chemistry between Shah Rukh Khan and Sunny Leone in the song. How was that experience?
It was really nice working together, just like any work we do you have to maintain level of professionalism and for me mainly it was the idea that somebody like Shah Rukh Khan wants to work with me. That excitement was there throughout the shoot.

I am sure you must be aware of what a song can do for a movie; you’ve experienced that in ‘Baby Doll’. There have been so many like ‘Munni Badnaam’ in Dabangg and ‘Sheila Ki Jawani’ as well. Definitely a flagship song can do wonders?
Yes, I’ve experienced this and being on this platform is a big deal for me. This song is already a hit; it is really about people loving the visuals. People already love this song, they loved it way back then and I know they still love it. I’m hoping the visuals with the song meet everybody’s expectations.

Any sweet moment you had while shooting Raees?
Like every moment was a sweet moment, the whole experience was absolutely sweet and amazing. Being able to shoot with Shah Rukh Khan was awesome. First time when I saw myself and him on screen it was the most amazing moment.

And also you’ve taken some acting training and Aamir Khan has helped you out with his acting coach. How was that experience?
I called him up and said do you know any acting coach? I didn’t think he would actually revert. I don’t have expectations in life from people. It was really nice of him he gave me numbers of acting coach and Hindi coach. Because I’ve been speaking Hindi since 5 years but no one corrects me. They are like, ‘Oh how cute, she’s speaking Hindi’ but no one corrects me. So I know those things need to get fixed. After my last few movies something needs to change, so it’s need to be myself then. Because that’s the only thing I can work on.

Considering few of your movies haven’t done well and this song has become such a raging success even before its release. Is there a change in game plan as far as your forthcoming movies are concerned?
I waited for the last couple of movies are released before I signed few other movies. There is a different approach to everything now. You learn from your mistakes, I don’t have any godfather. Daniel and I don’t have anybody to tell you should do this and you shouldn’t do that. In a way it’s a good thing and bad thing altogether. I am not going to wait for a perfect project, I am going to work on projects that I believe in or I like the story. The approach has changed, also acting and Hindi coach. I really want to dub my own movies because I think sometimes people choose voices for me that sound so weird.

In Baadshaho, you have another song which has been spoken about in a big way. You enjoyed shooting for that?
It was awesome. It has been an amazing, interesting, difficult, awesome year. I’m happy year is ending on such a high note.

You have the unique distinction that somehow all the Khans have been instrumental in your career in one way or the other, you started Bigg Boss with Salman, you’ve Aamir supporting you at a very crucial juncture and now you’re doing this song with Shah Rukh Khan?
I just got goose bumps while you were saying that (Laughs!) I’ve thought about this many times over the last few months. It’s like the craziest feeling because it’s not like… You know it’s a song and it’s amazing or with Aamir who has been really nice friend and then Salman, the first person to wish me good luck in the industry, to welcome and always go out of his way to say hi, hello. It’s nice that these people whom I admire so much, respect so much would be so nice.

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