13 Brilliant Gift Ideas for a 3-Year-Old

The age of 3 is critical in the development of kids. It's the age where kids begin expressing themselves and conversing well with other people. It's also the age where they start talking about their interests and asking what they need. Through these conversations, you can get a good idea about the type of gifts to purchase for your kid. But then, 3-year-olds don't know much, do they? You'll need your own gift ideas.

At times, it can be hard to determine the right gift to purchase. The type of gift you decide to buy for a 3-year-old may contribute to their learning, fun, or both. It's always advisable to purchase a gift that improves your kid's knowledge, while meeting its purpose of entertainment. Read on for the best gift ideas for a 3-year-old.

1) Tough trike

Most tough trikes are designed for kids between the ages of 2 and 5. It's a noble gift for your 3-year-old because it will teach them how to ride and entertain them as well. Most tough trikes are made with a wide wheelbase to keep them stable and avoid the risk of falling. Besides cycling, you can also push your kid around the compound, which is a perfect way to bond.

2) Musical jewelry storage box

A jewelry box is an ideal gift for girls. Every girl dreams of having a jewelry collection as they grow old. Getting this box as a present for your kid increases their affection for you. Every time they open the box, they are welcomed by a melody that reminds them of how special they are. Many kids' jewelry boxes serve different purposes. It can be a toy, a mirror, and storage for earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and other types of jewelry.

3) VTech Record & Learn KidiStudio

One of the major responsibilities of a parent is to identify their child's talents. The earlier it's recognized and nurtured, the better. Sometimes, these talents are identified by testing different avenues. If your kid is drawn to music, the Learn Kidistudio is a fantastic gift to get them.

While your kid may only enjoy hitting buttons that produce sound, it's a great way to invoke their musical talent from a young age. Since you're dealing with a 3-year-old, it's advisable to place the KidiStudio in a safe place to reduce the risk of damage.

Although the Vtech record is a toy keyboard, it will teach your child the basics of composing music and trying different sound effects.

4) Find and float alphabet bubbles

Kids find it hard to learn letters of the alphabet when they are in class. However, when learning is converted to a game, it becomes easy and enjoyable. The ‘find and float alphabet bubbles' is one of the games that has made learning alphabets for young children easier.

Normally, people gain more knowledge when they interact than when they are taught. The same applies to kids. If you want your 3-year-old to have fun while learning, this is the gift to get them. When a child turns 3, the parent is filled with joy since they can start conversing with their young one. There's no better way to show your love for them on their third birthday other than getting a 'find and float alphabet bubbles' game for them.

5) Drawing board

Any artistic talent needs to be nurtured from a young age. Getting a drawing board for your little one is one way to ensure their drawing talent is grown. Many people give their kids pieces of paper and drawing colors. While this could be a noble idea, it has the challenge of dirtying your house.

If you need to evade the pain of cleaning paint from your chairs or the walls, you need to consider buying a drawing board. Your kid can draw anything on the board, erase it, and start over again until they are satisfied with their work. This board is a great tool for your child to refine their drawing skills since it utilizes less space. If you're going for a road trip, your kid can carry it along and draw pictures seen along the way.

6) Talking unicorn

There's nothing that excites a child like interacting with a talking unicorn. A unicorn is a huge entertainment source for kids since they can imitate human aspects such as talking, singing, and laughing.

Apart from the unicorn's talkback feature, kids love the comic voice bundled in many talking unicorns.

7) Girl dresses

Picking a dress for your 3-year-old girl can be a challenge. Girls have a special taste for color and appearance from a young age. What works for one might not work for the other. The type of gift dress to buy for your girl depends on factors such as size, color, design, etc. Check out pretty baby girl dresses here.

8) Blabla bunny

This is a fully handmade doll embroidered by skilled artisans. Therefore, each blabla bunny in the market is different from the other. It's an excellent gift idea for girls turning 3. If you're uncertain of the ideal birthday gift for your kid, this is the item to go for.

Although girls like teddy bears even at an advanced age, the desire to own dolls starts at a young age. That's why you should consider getting your 3-year-old girl her first doll.

Blabla bunnies are made of 100% pure cotton, making them safe for your baby's face. Since it's made of cotton, it will accumulate dirt with time. Luckily, it's machine-washable and takes little time to dry.

9) Lego

Lego offers a great way to improve kids' creativity. There are different shops that offer different packages for Legos. Legos are good for kids aged between 3 and 10. When buying a Lego, it's good to start with a small themed set. This will help you in capitalizing on the kid's interests. As they grow more creative, you can get another piece to challenge them as they advance.

Besides getting your kid entertained, you'll also be growing their problem-solving skills from a tender age. Since many starter pack Legos come with instructions to assemble structures, your kid will be able to learn crucial life lessons such as attention to detail, concentration, and problem-solving.

10) Play trains and railway set

Play trains and railway sets are purely entertainment sources for kids. When your kid is through with reciting the alphabets or drawing, this set of toys could be the only thing to refresh their memory. While it's majorly made for fun, it can also help in improving your kid's creativity.

Many of these toys are shipped as independent parts that require assembling to make a complete playing package. Therefore, as the kid follows the entire process of building the track, they will be acquiring problem-solving skills.

11) Kid's backpack

A backpack isn't only an excellent gift for your kid, but also useful for school purposes. At the age of 3, your kid will need to have some books to carry when attending classes. One way to make them love each day going to school is to get them a nice backpack.

There are many ideas to choose from when buying a backpack for your little one. If it's intended for a boy, you can get a backpack with a nice print of fictional movie characters. Boys aren't excited by color as much as girls do. For girls, you'll need to choose a backpack with a beautiful color combination. You can also get backpacks with different designs such as unicorns, bunnies, or teddy bears.

12) Melissa & Doug pretend playset

Girls at the age of 3 love to watch the famous Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show from Disney. If you realize your girl is fond of this show, you can increase their appetite by getting the Melissa and Doug pretend playset.

This toy set consists of 40 pieces. Kids are expected to combine these pieces to make up their favorite show characters. This is a great gift for a 3-year-old since it boosts their imagination and is an ideal tool for learning.

13) PlasmaCar

Indoor toys are essential, but outdoor toys are equally important. PlasmaCars provide a lot of outdoor fun. These famous cars are a great source of fun for your kid. No batteries or peddling is needed to get them moving. Like other people, kids need to do a little exercise to burn extra fat to keep their bodies fit.

PlasmaCars provide an exciting way for your kid to keep fit. The original PlasmaCars are durable and convenient for kids between the ages of 3 and 7. Unlike many other toys that outlive their purposes quickly, the PlasmaCar can be used for a long period.

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