Team Named To Facilitate State Vehicle Auction

Eastern Equatoria State Minister of Roads and Transport Charles Lokonoi Ambrose. [Gurtong | File]

Issuing the Order, the Minister Lokonoi told the press at his office that the aim of the named Committee led by Secretary General for the State Government of Eastern Equatoria’s Hon. Charles Atul Gabriel is to impartially and publicly auction 14 state government Toyota Land Cruisers.

The State Roads and Transport Ministry Director General, Engineer Norman Charles Gideon is a Secretary to the named Committee while Torit County Prosecutor John Wani has been named as Legal Advisor to the Committee and Finance and Economic Planning Ministry Director General, Mr. Alfred Kayumba Tugul as the Committee member.

Mr. Dario Borok Omini has also been named a member to the Committee.

Terms of References

Through a reliable means of mass media, the Committee in its expected first Meeting has to announce the Motor Vehicles recommended for auction.

As per the Order, the Minister Lokonoi disclosed that as part of its Terms of References, the Committee has been mandated to assemble all the Motor Vehicles considered for the auction in one place preferably the present premises of the Ministry of Roads and Transport to make it easy for the auctioning process.

Part of its Terms of References state that the Committee should use the rates adopted by the honourable Council of Ministers as standard rates for auctioning of the Motor Vehicles.

“All applications from potential applicants should be submitted to the Ministry of Roads and Transport particularly the office of the Minister where he (Minister) will recommend to the State Public Auction Committee for consideration,” says part of the terms.

The Committee is allowed to charge applicants with a non-refundable amount of SSP 200 as a fee application cost and have been advised to adopt a closed auction type as the only criterion of the Public Auction simply to avoid confusion and restoration of transparency at work.

Revenue to be generated out of the upcoming auction of the condemned 14 Motor Vehicles should immediately be remitted to the State Revenue Commission by concerned rate collector.

The Minister explained a reason leading to the auctioning saying the state government has discovered the vehicles have been proven very expensive to repair as one could cost up to SSP 30,000 in addition to high fuel consumption.

He disclosed that there are two types of the Motor Vehicles that are now expected for the auction; on road ones and off roads.

While on some of the cars will cost 31,700 SSP, others cost between over 19,000 and 23,000 SSP but majority of the on road Motor Vehicles will be auctioned at the cost of 31,700 SSP unlike the off roads.

The Minister elaborated that all the Motor Vehicles’ model types are Japanese ranging from 2002 to 2004 but all were purchased by the state government in 2008.

He clarified that the auction does not target particular group but it is a public open auction means anybody willingly with his or her purchasing power will be allowed to purchase the auctioned Motor Vehicles.

The Minister further disclosed that last year, the government attempted to auction over 30 vehicles but postponed due to wrong procedures followed until it cancelled later.

The auctioning process is expected to be carried out within a legal framework of fourteen (14) days and the Committee is expected to surrender its report to the Ministry of Roads and Transport particularly Minister’s office.

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