Military Clash With Youth In Rumbek As Tonj South Is attacked By Youth

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Organised forces in charge of patrolling Wulu and Rumbek Centre Counties clashed with suspected youth from Rumbek North linked to the killing of three people in a cattle camp leaving 2 of the youth dead and one captured by the forces on Thursday.

By Mabor Riak Magok and James Deng Dimo

RUMBEK, 30 October 2015 [(Gurtong]-The Commissioner of Wulu County, Benjamin Akol Muorwel said the clashes between the Pakam Youth and the organised forces erupted in the bushes of Rumpanburreact.

He accused Rumbek North Youth of their continued attacks and killings of innocent people traveling along the main road.

“This is not the first time they are killing people on the way and we have been saying, unknown gunmen but now the criminals and perpetrators who want to derail the youth from Jurbel into senseless killing are now known and everyone is aware that these are Pakam Youth killing innocent people, they were caught red-handed for killing 3 people in Rumpanburreact”.

The Commissioner further said that the organised forces including the military are on high alert and ready to provide safety and security to everybody traveling along the Rumbek Centre and Wulu road.

“We don’t want fighting more especially we the community of Beli of Wulu County. This is a peaceful community that doesn’t like fighting at all. First we don’t keep cattle and no one has problems with each other. We are only farmers and bee keepers and that is all about the lives of the Beli community”.

Wulu County is hosting a huge number of Agar population from Rup community who have been internally displaced by communal fighting and revenge killing between Pakam and Kuei Communities of Rumbek North and Rumbek Central Counties for the past 3 years.

The fighting began in 2012 between the two communities of Rup and Kuei, the Pakam community of Rumbek North County joined the Kuei community in fighting against the Rup in 2013.

Lakes State government has held many peace initiatives to reconcile the 3 warring communities but without success.

The ongoing cycle of revenge killings, cattle raiding, road ambushes and night robbery are rampant and have affected the State capital Rumbek with fears of daily clashes at night in the town as goats and cows are raided and looted during night.

Meanwhile, while the youth were clashing with the military, another group of youth suspected to be from Cuibet County Lakes State  are believed to have attacked Tonj South County leaving at least three people dead in what was termed as a cross border attack.

According to the former Commissioner of Tonj South, William Wol Mayom the town came under heavy attack in the evening hours by the armed group of youth.

“The town was in panic yesterday evening hours when gun fire sparked at the Tonj main bridge between the police operation and the criminal suspects. Tonj was also attacked from South West Direction as well as in the East,” said Wol.

“Some two people were killed near a hotel within the central town,” he said.  

“As the situation remains tense, we the citizens of Tonj South are calling on our State government to send in security forces to come and help in controlling the County’s security,” he appealed.

He called for reconciliation between the two States.

“We need reconciliation among ourselves the people of Lakes and Warrap States so that there is free movement for our citizens,” he said.

Movement along Tonj and Rumbek has been closed due to insecurity which has intensified this week.

Last week, two people said to be from Cueibet County of Lakes State were foun killed along the Rumbek- Tonj highway by unknown gunmen.

It is not clear what compelled the youth from Cueibet Couny of Lakes State to attack Tonj South on Thursday but is believe to be revenge to last week’s incident.

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