London police advise regarding recent Job Scams

In tough economic times, scammers target the unemployed and others, through work-at-home, online, and mystery shopper job scams. 

Online job-hunters are told they will be paid to work from home once payment is sent for a start-up kit that never arrives. 

Mystery shoppers are hired to secret shop a wire-transfer service; they’re sent a cheque, told to deposit it, keep a small percentage of the money as their wage, wire the rest, and then complete the survey on the service you encounter. The so-called business address often turns out to be fake, with the money wire-transferred to another unknown location. In the end, the cheque received is a counterfeit or bogus, which the victim finds out only days later when it’s returned by their bank and they are out the money transferred.

Be aware when receiving a cheque and being asked to cash it when you don’t know the person or entity sending the cheque to you.

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