Trudeau Openly Invited to One-On-One Debate by Garneau

A recent assertion from Marc Garneau has openly challenged Justin Trudeau to a one-on-one debate. Garneau recently mentioned in a news conference on Monday morning that “the leadership of the Liberal Party is too important a position to hand to an untested candidate hiding behind a carefully crafted public relations campaign.”

One of the key candidates for the leadership of federal Liberal Party, Garneau, alleged that the format of preplanned candidate debates has been overly limiting up till now. He highlighted that, so far, there has been only three minutes of one-on-one debate between himself and Trudeau, which he claims to be the “fleeting moments of substantive debates and discussion.” He elaborated that such short time, only helps both the candidates to hardly begin the debate. Garneau emphasized that the position being contested is too important to have candidates defend their positions after the fact. When Garneau was inquired to justify how his campaign, having its own public relations strategy, differs from Trudeau’s, he replied that he is unafraid to detail the specifics of his policy positions, while claiming that Trudeau needs to do the same. He added that “much more clearly, in much more detail… and that’s why I’m calling for this debate.”

The total nine candidates competing for the federal Liberal leadership include MPs Joyce Murray, Martha Hall Findlay and Martin Cauchon, as well as lawyers David Bertschi, Deborah Coyne, George Takach and retired Lt.-Col. Karen McCrimmon, but Trudeau is generally seen as the frontrunner. Garneau stated that “I believe most of the polls show me as being … the second.”

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