An Open Letter to Public Health Officials

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The Ontario Civil Liberties Association recently published another in its series of pandemic-related open letters.  The most recent iteration is an open letter to public health officials across Canada, however, its contents apply to public health officials around the world who seem to be "singing from the same hymnbook".  Let's look at some excerpts:

Here is the opening salvo:

"Civil liberties are under attack in Canada and worldwide. On the basis of public health acts and infectious disease laws, limitations to constitutional rights are imposed through emergency orders by Canada’s medical officers of health and by unelected bureaucrats elsewhere.

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms was written specifically to limit government overreach. In a crisis such as this, it is more important than ever to uphold Charter rights. Whether the COVID-19 mandates and restrictions represent reasonable and necessary limitations has yet to be seen.

Members of the newly formed group Canadian Academics for Covid Ethics and other independent scholars address these questions in a letter to our public health officials. The authors summarize the many uncertainties around the severity of the pandemic, reliance on problematic testing procedures and erratic modeling, ineffective non-pharmaceutical interventions, suppression of alternative treatments, disregard for natural immunity, and the destructive focus on vaccines as the only solution.

The Open Letter has been sent directly to the federal, provincial and Ontario regional Public Health Officers, to ensure that they receive it, and to politicians and the media."

Now, let's look briefly at each of the issues addressed in the open letter:

1.) Using data to create fear:  "You have convinced and continue to attempt convincing the public that we are in the midst of a major health crisis, and thrust our country into chaos. Meanwhile, all-cause mortality in Canada is in-line with trends from the past several years and indicates no such crisis. You have instilled fear in the general public of COVID-19 by publishing egregious data (such as daily cases and ICU numbers) without putting those numbers into context. How serious are those ‘cases’? How many were asymptomatic? What would similar case numbers be in any past years for other illness such as the flu? How does ICU occupancy compare to previous years? You are misleading the public and priming us for unwarranted future restrictions."

2.) The reality of survivability:  "You have not been transparent about the favourable survival rates from COVID. Instead, you convinced us that a positive test result is a death sentence, when in reality the virus overwhelmingly affects elderly people and those with specific vulnerabilities."

3.) The use of the RT-PCR test to create irrational fear:  "You have driven up case numbers by relying on the PCR test, deemed to be inappropriate as a diagnostic tool by its inventor and known to yield too many false positives at the cycle thresholds that have been used. In fact, the WHO recommended, on June 25 of this year, that ‘widespread screening of asymptomatic individuals is not a recommended strategy’. And yet, you insist on driving up the case numbers by mass testing of healthy, asymptomatic individuals.

4.) The use of face masks as a means of psychological control:  "You have coerced an entire population to wear masks, despite the fact that their ability to prevent transmission of COVID-19 has been seriously called into question by recent systematic reviews of the medical literature. This is also readily observed by comparing regions with and without mask mandates. Cloth masks and most mass-produced face masks are not approved medical devices, rather their real purpose appears to be the creation of heightened public anxiety, isolating the wearers, and posturing visual compliance to unfounded public health diktats."

5.) The use of lockdowns:  "You have utilized lockdowns as a sledgehammer to bring down COVID cases, while neglecting the resulting collateral damage from lost livelihoods, stalled cancer and transplant surgeries, and increased rates of depression, drug overdose, and suicide. You have failed to take a holistic approach, and your “cure” is proving far worse than the disease. There are multiple studies demonstrating the ineffectiveness of lockdowns, easily seen by simple comparison of jurisdictions that locked down with those that didn’t.

6.) The non-use of early treatment protocols:  "You have ignored early treatment protocols for safe, effective, and inexpensive treatments of COVID 19 with multidrug therapies, despite the massive evidence both from front-line doctors and meta-analysis of the medical literature, with published studies showing their efficacy around the world. Instead, you have convinced citizens that COVID-19 is a death sentence and that only vaccination, indeed vaccine mandates, will save us.

7.) The use of COVID-19 vaccines as the only solution and the lack of accompanying informed consent:  "You are now relentlessly pushing experimental vaccines on the general population as ‘safe’….Furthermore, there is a lack of long-term safety data. These genetic-based therapies only received emergency interim authorization, and have not undergone the same type of review as fully approved products. You are not providing the public with the information they need to be able to give informed consent.

Here's what the signatories to the letter want of Canada's public health officers:

"Publicly admit that your recommendations and orders are both harmful and baseless. Retract all of your recommendations and orders immediately. Stop vaccine mandates. Apologize to Canadians and resign."

If you wish to read the entire letter, please click on this link.

I'd like to close with this comment.  In mid-2020, I wrote a letter to the Chief Public Health Officer in my jurisdiction, providing her with a series of papers that clearly outlined the futility of her efforts and edicts.  In response, I received a tersely worded email which stated that she was following the protocols dictated by Health Canada and the World Health Organization.  This brought to mind one thought; why on earth are taxpayers paying the salaries of public health officials when all they are doing is following the diktats of another organization?  From my perspective, a great deal of the crisis has been created by governments which have underfunded the health care systems in their respective nations/provinces/states for decades, leading to a system which is barely able to cope at the best of times as shown in this example from 2019 which shows how one key aspect of Canada's health care system compares to its peers:

Open Letter to Public Health Officials

Unfortunately, the media in its haste to provide us with another dose of fear porn has totally ignored this side of the pandemic story.

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