Protester Who Threw Seeds at Justin Trudeau Banned from City Hall

Seeds Thrower

The authorities have banned a Hamilton protestor, Ute Schmid, from the City Hall after she threw seeds at the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during his visit to the public facility. A mother of two daughters and a candidate for the Green Party in the 2015 federal election for Hamilton Centre, Ute Schmid-Jones, was jumped to the ground after she tossed sunflower and pumpkin seeds at Justin Trudeau as he walked through the second floor of City Hall on Oct 21st.

In her remarks, Schmid-Jones explained that “I tossed pumpkin and sunflower seeds because seeds are the future and we don’t want to compromise our future,” adding that “I had no intension of hitting (Trudeau). I tossed them. I would have loved to have tossed them at his feet. I would never toss something at somebody to harm them.” According to Schmid-Jones, she failed to toss the seeds at the Prime Minister’s feet because there were too many people in front of her waiting for him. Soon after the incident, Schmid-Jones was kept in a private room for over three hours by three RCMP officers and one Hamilton security personnel.

Schmid-Jones revealed that she was asked to write a detailed account of what happened during the incident, after which she was released with a ticket banning her from the premises for a year. However, Schmid-Jones stressed that she will consult a lawyer and take legal action against the ban because “I can’t even go to (City Hall) if there is a town hall meeting.”

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