Chatham-Kent police public warning about recent fraud scam

The Chatham-Kent police would like to inform citizens of a fraud that was recently reported.
Last week, the Major Crime Unit investigated an incident where jewelry had been sold on Kijiji and paid for by a certified cheque.  The cheque was determined to be fraudulent in nature.
The Chatham-Kent Police Service would like to remind everyone that before accepting a certified cheque, they should contact either the bank directly for which it was drawn from or any bank of the same company to ensure the legitimacy of the cheque.  By providing a bank representative over the telephone all the required information such as the cheque number, account number, amount for which it is payable and person to whom it is payable, the bank employee will be able to determine if the certified cheque is indeed valid.  Please keep in mind that modern technology is allowing those with criminal intentions to become very proficient at counterfeiting.

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