Search Mission for Quebec Quarry Workers Resumes 2nd Day

Search and rescue officials are resuming the search mission, for the second day, to hunt two workers assumed buried under debris of a landslide at a quarry near l’Épiphanie, Que., almost 50 kilometers north of Montreal. Repentigny Police Sgt. Bruno Marier disclosed that the rescue team from the Quebec provincial police is back on duty and has resumed search efforts, since 7 a.m. ET, to locate the missing man and woman.

It was declared that the search and rescue crew is facing extraordinary hurdles during the mission, including the unstable, muddy ground, which allegedly can also put the safety of rescue workers at risk. So far the rescuers have failed to make any contact with either of the two missing individuals, even with the help of police dogs and thermal cameras. Marier suspects that there is a possibility that any or both of the two targets might have jumped out of their trucks during or right before the landslide occurred. He shared his concerns, claiming that “that’s the problem, we don’t have any information if the two occupants of both vehicles were able to get out of the vehicles when the landslide happened.”

Marier explains that experts suspect a possible occurrence of an avalanche of mud right after the landslide, ultimately hampering the rescue efforts and it a challenge. One worker was successfully airlifted by a helicopter from the pit on Tuesday, about which Marier added that “he is doing great … he is healthy and he is happy to get out alive.”

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