Court Orders Suspended Senator Brazeau to Enter Rehab

Suspended senator embroiled in controversies, Patrick Brazeau, was released from custody on Friday after promising the court that he will seek treatment for drug and alcohol abuse. He was ordered by a Quebec court judge to check into a live-in rehab centre located east of Gatineau. According to the court decision, Brazeau would have to check into the facility within three days. Meanwhile, he must confine himself to one of two predetermined residences, including one of his father’s house in Maniwaki.

Brazeau pled not guilty to two counts of assault, one count of possession of cocaine, one count of threatening death or physical injury and breaching release conditions on Thursday. According to Gatineau police, they were called on to an address on Labrosse Boulevard for a domestic violence complaint just before 4 a.m. Thursday. The police reported to have found a man and a woman in a physical altercation on the home’s balcony upon their arrival.

A police representative confirmed that the woman appeared to have been assaulted by the man, soon after which they arrested Brazeau. Moreover, court documents claim that a 50-year-old male friend of the woman was also found to be inside the home, who seemed to have been assaulted and claimed that his life was threatened. Court documents identified the second man as Marc Lamontagne. In addition to that, police report confirms that they discovered a small amount of cocaine on Mr. Brazeau at the time of his arrest.

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